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We transform positioning into business value

Mobilaris is a global leading provider of software solutions for mobile location based services. Our customers are typically mobile operators, telecom network providers, authorities and industries that need efficient solutions for decision support based on positioning of people, vehicles or equipment.

By bridging the complexity of network infrastructure with the demand for cost effective service development Mobilaris’ solution allows our clients to create, deploy and control location services in a fast and innovative way. Technology for positioning should not be a concern for our clients, Mobilaris deep competence will instead help our clients to take business decisions and not technical decisions.

Our clients turn to us to have fast deployment, innovative services and to support their business. They have also discovered that Mobilaris can help them reuse already made investments in niche based positioning solutions.

Welcome to The World of Mobilaris. In our world Saving Lives Matters.

Business value through worldclass competence and positioning solutions

realised in three layers

Application SW and services tailored for clients different processes and demands

On the application level Mobilaris delivers state-of-the art end user experience with solution area specific features requested by our clients. Clients that want their own look and feel can develop the high end functionality to their own needs or use Mobilaris experts to tailor functionality to own needs.

Efficient decision logics embedded in our software platform

Our positioning middleware takes advantage of our 10+ years experience in building decision logics solutions. The middleware deliveres:

  • Robustness in terms of well-proven solutions and integrity of data
  • Shortened time from idea to deployment of new application features
  • Improved business and productivity decision support

Aggregation of multiple technology positioning data

A multitude of different sources for positioning purposes exist. Mobilaris take pride in solving our customer needs based on the optimum mix of positioning infrastructure, often using already made investments in combination with new suitable technologies.

As a client to Mobilaris you can depend on Mobilaris both as an advisor for investments as well as a supplier for a solution even if it is built on several vendors equipment.


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