Optimize your underground traffic

We deliver truly unique and cost-efficient solutions for traffic awareness and a smooth traffic flow underground. With a tablet in every vehicle, and a live 3D-map, anyone can easily navigate to a location, find machines and avoid traffic congestion.

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Traffic challenges

Limited areas and tough passages
is common underground

Heavy traffic, narrow curvy roads, and poor visibility make underground mines a challenging environment. The risks of traffic congestion and accidents are high, and with every blocked route the driver must find another way around. It is not only endangering workforce safety, it is also a source of wasted time and lost productivity. There is a great need for information-driven transparency and reliable tools for traffic awareness and navigation. 

Find your way with Mobilaris

With Mobilaris Onboard™ in the vehicle, the best underground route will be highlighted in the 3D-map presented on a mounted tablet, for easy turn-by-turn navigation. Avoid traffic congestions or collisions by receiving an early warning of meeting vehicles. Reduce stress levels and handle machines gentlier. Mobilaris Onboard™ is proven to increase the number of truck round trips with 3-4 per shift.

Insight is key
  • map
    Underground navigation

    Navigate with a 3D-map on a tablet, with the best route highlighted. Mobilaris Onboard™ collects real-time information from other vehicles and machines to ensure safe meetings.

  • paper-plane
    Productive traffic flows

    Improve traffic flow underground without having to invest in a costly high-precision tracking solution. Increase the number of truck round trips per shift.

  • traffic-light
    Avoid traffic congestions

    Get an early notice of incoming traffic and moving assets to plan your stop at nearby passing places, thereby avoiding traffic congestions.

  • project-status-visualisation
    Minimize wasted production time

    All information, such as the ETA of mine trucks, drill rig locations and maintenance personnel is shown in 3D and is locally stored for offline usage.

  • smartphone-map
    Information for everyone

    With innovative tools for transparency and awareness, information will not be limited to the control room, but for everyone underground.

Improve traffic flow
and production underground

Solutions from Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering collect data from mine trucks, vehicles, people and assets with no need of any additional infrastructure. Their positions are continuously shared in real-time on each vehicles’ tablet to ensure smooth traffic flows for priority cargo, reduced stops and safe routes for drivers.

  • Andreas Suup
    “With this system we can use positions, type that into Mobilaris Onboard™, and get a waypoint showing exactly where to go. It means that we can get to a production site in short notice.”
    Andreas Suup Mine Manager, Boliden Kristineberg

A cost-efficient investment with no additional infrastructure needed

Our products are developed with ease of use as a priority. Our positioning technology is based on sensor fusion, AI and advanced mathematics. It allows for self-sustained positioning of a vehicle with 5-10 meters accuracy.

  • award


    With Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ there is no need to invest in a costly tracking solution and hardware. Instead, it is designed to run on a standard Android tablet.

  • chart-doc

    Easy to integrate

    The digital solutions from Mobilaris are easily integrated with safety routines and systems already in place.

  • computer


    Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ supports LTE, WiFi, UWB, RFID and other proprietary technologies.

  • smartphone-map

    Smartphones and tablets

    The real-time 3D map and evacuation notifications are available on Android smartphones and tablets.

Traffic Awareness by numbers

Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ has a proven track record in underground mines all around the world. Our digital solutions set a new standard for traffic safety and productivity. We are continuously challenging what we thought was possible, and what our customers thought was impossible. This is what we have done so far:

  • 4+
    Extra truck rounds

    Mobilaris’ solutions have been proved to increase the number of priority truck trips with 3-4 per shift, improving production significantly.

  • 5m
    Positional accuracy

    Mobilaris’ solutions collect information in real-time and can provide a positional accuracy up to 5 meters for vehicles and personnel.

  • 40min
    Increase of face utilization per shift

    In a US mine, Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ has shown an increase of face utilization by 35-40 minutes per shift.

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    Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ is our portfolio consisting of innovative products and features for increased transparency and traffic awareness. Contact us, or continue reading to learn more about each product and where to start. It is always integrated step by step.

    • Mobilaris Onboard™

      Mobilaris Onboard™ works as a mobile radar, enabling you to avoid traffic congestion and take the best route.

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