Make the sustainable mine a reality

We deliver innovative solutions that make the sustainable mine a reality. Our solutions have proven positive effect on safety, work conditions, energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

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Sustainability challenges

The shift towards sustainability

Sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations. Today, there is pressure on the underground industry to resolve any existing or foreseen environmental problems. As a result, sustainable mining is high up on many boardroom agendas. Innovative infrastructure, smart communication equipment and sustainable energy systems are viewed as the future of mining.

Take control over CO2 emissions and footprints

Our product portfolio, Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™, includes solutions for sustainable mining operations. By collecting data in real-time from machines, energy systems, people, vehicles and sensors we enable control over emissions, electricity and gas. Sustainable tools are also making the mine an attractive workplace.

Insight is key
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    Reduce emissions

    Minimize environmental impact with new and innovative technology. Reduce CO2 emissions with a smoother traffic flow and save energy with automated ventilation on demand.

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    Attract new co-workers

    Make the mining industry attractive by engagement, transparency and environmental responsibility. Also, modern technology makes a great difference for anyone in the mine.

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    Safety at work

    Increase safety with digital solutions based on reliable real-time information. The feeling of always being safe at work is an important factor from a social sustainability view.

Ventilation on Demand and sustainable decision-making

The digital solutions from Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering collect information from machines, energy systems and sensors in real-time. The features from Mobilaris can be used to adjust ventilation automatically, do sustainable planning and make the whole mine run more efficiently.

  • Case study from Boliden Kankberg Mine
    “The implementation of Ventilation on Demand in Boliden Kankberg Mine has been a great success. Resulting in great economic and environmental savings*, without impairing the working environment.”
    Case study from Boliden Kankberg Mine *The electrical consumption of the fans was reduced by 54%

Made to fit any technology with seamless integrations

Our products are developed with ease of use as a priority and are made to fit your mining operations no matter the current infrastructure. It can be integrated with current energy systems, sensors and machines.

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    Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ supports LTE, WiFi, UWB, RFID and other proprietary technologies.

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    Easy to integrate

    The digital solutions from Mobilaris are easily integrated with safety routines and systems already in place.

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    Smartphone and tablets

    The real-time 3D map and evacuation notifications are available on Android smartphones and tablets.

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    With MMI there is no need to invest in a costly tracking solution and hardware. Instead, it is designed to run on a standard Android tablet.

Sustainability by numbers

Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ has a proven track record in underground mines all around the world. Our digital solutions set a new standard for underground sustainability. We are continuously challenging what we thought was possible, and what our customers thought was impossible. This is what we have done so far:

  • 54%
    Reduced electrical consumption

    The sustainability features in Mobilaris Mining Intelligence resulted in a 54% reduced electrical consumption in the Kankberget mine.

  • 21%
    Reduced gas consumption

    In one of Boliden’s mines, Mobilaris were able to reduce the propane consumption by 21% with an integrated ventilation control system.

  • 254tons
    Reduced CO2 emissions

    After installing Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ in Kankberg mine, Boliden was able to reduce fossil CO2 by 254 tons/year.

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    Sustainability related products

    Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ is our portfolio consisting of innovative sustainability products and features. Contact us, or continue reading to learn more about each product and where to start. It is always integrated step by step.

    • Mobilaris Situational Awareness™

      Situational Awareness provides control rooms and handheld devices with real-time 3D visualization of the whole mine.

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    • Mobilaris Emergency Support™

      Emergency support includes tools for rescue leaders, message boards and monitoring of rescue chambers.

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    • Mobilaris Onboard™

      Mobilaris Onboard™ works as a mobile radar, enabling you to avoid traffic congestion and take the best route.

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    • Mobilaris Planning & Scheduling™

      Planning & Scheduling allows supervisors to plan and manage tasks throughout a single shift more efficient.

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    • Mobilaris Analytics™

      Mobilaris Analytics gives data such as machine utilization, face utilization, cycle times and traffic flow analysis.

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    • Mobilaris Event Automation™

      Set up automatic events, for exemple ventilation on demand or alert when maximum amount of people is reached.

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