Increase the productivity of your operations

For years, our product suite has been used to digitalize underground mines all around the world.  Our digital solutions are well proven and transform non-value-added time to production. The result is a double-digit productivity increase.

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Production challenges

The unpredictable
is a threat to effective production

Every mining company faces daily challenges that make operations unpredictable. It results in a waste of valuable time and inefficient use of machines, assets and equipment. During a normal shift, there are obstacles such as machine breakdowns and bad decision-making due to lack of information. Operators must become aware of what is going on in the mine, and respond accordingly to keep up production.

Boost and ensure
efficiency with Mobilaris

With Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™, production and efficiency can be increased by providing real-time decision support information about shifts, workplaces, work-tasks and machines. Operators report progress and potential issues in real-time, making it easy to comply to the plan. By analysing data collected by the system it is possible to find time-waste and also automate and optimize processes. Improved utilization of assets results in an effective and predictable production. 

Insight is key
  • project-status-visualisation
    Save the shift

    Plan and manage tasks throughout the shift more effectively by fast replanning making it possible to keep up according to planned productivity.

  • smartphone-map
    Information for everyone

    Work together towards the same goals. Show the overall progress of the shift and help each other by sharing knowledge and information.

  • paper-plane
    Minimized work delays

    Use analytics tools to calculate equipment efficiency, find causes of delays, identify time-waste and bottlenecks blocking or delaying operations.

  • chart-doc
    Smart Analytics

    Measure activities and the effect of your decisions to continously improve areas such as machine utilization and planning accuracy.

  • miners-helmet
    Locate tools and equipment

    By combining different technologies you can track your inventory and reduce the time looking for equipment, machines, vehicles and assets.

  • traffic-light
    Traffic Awareness

    With a tablet mounted inside a vehicle, every miner or subcontractor will be able to navigate by using the 3D-map and give loaded priority on narrow roads.

  • lightbulb
    Faster decision-making

    Create awareness and improve productivity with real-time information vizualized in 3D. Miners and operators can make fast and independent decisions.

  • trophy
    Effective shift start-up

    Make use of digital tools for templates, checklists, defined durations and quantities, and up to date status on workplace and equipment.

Close the loop
between planning and reality

The digital solutions from Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering collect data from people, assets, work orders and planning tools to increase efficiency and  profitability. The information is continuously shared with co-workers, via smartphones or tablets, to make the most of every shift, enable independent decision-making and minimize wasted time.

  • Brad Atkins
    “Operational excellence is a top priority for us here at Vale. We are glad to announce the partnership with Mobilaris to advance and augment our digital capabilities in situational awareness.”
    Brad Atkins Digital Transformation Program Manager, Vale

Made to fit any technology with seamless integrations

Our products are developed with ease of use as a priority and are made to fit your mining operations no matter the current infrastructure. Handheld applications are available on Android smartphones and tablets.

  • computer


    Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ supports LTE, WiFi, UWB, RFID and other proprietary technologies.

  • chart-doc

    Easy to integrate

    The digital solutions from Mobilaris are easily integrated with safety routines and systems already in place.

  • project-status-visualisation

    Machine data integration

    With the Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ platform, mixed fleet management is now a reality. We offer a true OEM-agnostic fleet manager.

  • globe-stand

    Web applications

    Digital solutions running as web applications, a great advantage for easy upgrades and updates.

Productivity by numbers

Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ has a proven track record in underground mines all around the world. Our digital solutions set a new standard for safety and productivity. We are continuously challenging what we thought was possible, and what our customers thought was impossible. Here is what we have done so far:

  • 20%
    Productivity increase

    The time utilization of capital equipment in underground mines is today below 50%. With Mobilaris it can be increased by 20%

  • 7%
    Increased mucking rate

    At a Canadian mine, using Mobilaris products to track equipment from 25 access points increased the mucking rate by 7%.

  • 40min
    Increase of face utilization

    In a US mine, Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ has shown an increase of face utilization by 35-40 minutes per shift.

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    Productivity related products

    Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ is our portfolio consisting of innovative products and features for increased productivity. Contact us, or continue reading to learn more about each product and where to start. It is always integrated step by step.

    • Mobilaris Onboard™

      Mobilaris Onboard™ works as a mobile radar, enabling you to avoid traffic congestion and take the best route.

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    • Mobilaris Situational Awareness™

      Situational Awareness provides control rooms and handheld devices with real-time 3D visualization of the whole mine.

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    • Mobilaris Planning & Scheduling™

      Planning & Scheduling allows supervisors to plan and manage tasks throughout a single shift more efficient.

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    • Mobilaris Analytics™

      Mobilaris Analytics gives data such as machine utilization, face utilization, cycle times and traffic flow analysis.

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    • Mobilaris PocketMine™

      Mobilaris PocketMine™ allows any miner to have navigations tools and superior situational awareness in their pocket.

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    • Mobilaris Event Automation™

      Set up automatic events for increased productivity, customized to the operations of each unique mine.

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