Stora Enso signs framework agreement with Mobilaris regarding realtime workforce safety


Stora Enso and Mobilaris Industrial Solutions has signed a framework agreement regarding the use of Mobilaris Industrial Intelligence™ (MII) software platform for realtime workforce safety and evacuation support purposes. The MII platform will be implemented at Stora Enso’s Sunila Mill in Finland.

The aim with Mobilaris Industrial Intelligence™ is to introduce the next level of workforce safety. As an example, the time to evacuate a part of the site due to a danger can be decreased significantly using MII. The rescue personnel can instantly get a real-time view of where everyone is, can take the right decisions based on real-time facts and know when all people are out of danger.

The MII installation at the Sunila site includes basic MII features like visualization of realtime position (by RFID and Wi-Fi) of workers in a 3D map, evacuation support and the history viewer to review evacuation afterwards. The next step using MII at Sunila is to install more active positioning with Wi-Fi and divide the site area into defined zones.

   “We are delighted to help Stora Enso with their effort to take workforce safety to a new level. We share the same vision. There are so much that can be done in the field of real-time workforce safety. The Sunila site has only touched on some of the possibilities that lies ahead. We will continue working closely with them. With the implementation of more Wi-Fi access points they can utilize the 3D-view of MII to see positions of workers in 3D as most of their buildings have several floor levels.

This framework agreement will also speed up the implementation phase for other sites interested in introducing the real-time workforce safety solution”, says Andreas Ericsson, CEO Mobilaris Industrial Solutions.

More information regarding Realtime Workforce Safety, please contact:

Andreas Ericson, Mobilaris Industrial Solutions 
+46 72 150 8044