Seminar about improving real-time workforce safety December 12 2018

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During 2018 Mobilaris Industrial Solutions AB has participated in a development project together with Swerim, Ericsson, Luleå Technical University and SSAB with goal to improve Workforce Safety in heavy process- and manufacturing industry through new digital technology and real-time decision support system. Our solution has been tested and developed further during the project that has taken place in the testbed of Swerim in Luleå.

Example of situations that the project has handled is

  • Define geofences around dangerous machines and equipment
  • Prevent accidents through notifying people in real-time
  • In case of evacuations take the right decisions fast to minimize time

Mobilaris Industrial Solutions AB with partners would like to invite you to a one-day seminarian with the agenda Workforce Safety. Here we exchange knowledge, experience and discuss how we can take the next step in the development of Real-time Workforce Safety.

Feel free to forward this invitation to those who can be interested and want to participate.

Attached is a pdf with the agenda.

Last day for registration is 28 November