Mobilaris National Security to discuss Public Warning Systems of tomorrow

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Mobilaris National Security provides solutions to keep people safe and supports authorities during crisis by analyzing mobile network traffic. A workshop will be held on the 16th of May in Brussels, due to the European Union’s new telecom directive,  where Mobilaris will attend.

The increasing number of natural disasters and growing extremism have led to more serious threats against the public. In article 110, from the European Union’s new telecom directive (EECC), it is stated that every member state shall have a basic Public Warning System by June 2022. Every solution must support Reverse 1-2-2, that is a Public Warning System that uses the national mobile networks to send alerts to connected devices.

The first PSCE forum (Public Safety Communication Europe) of 2019 will be held in Brussels on the 16th of May, where representatives from European security organizations, companies and research centers meet to discuss the future of Public Warning Systems and the implementation of Reverse 1-2-2 by 2022. Mobilaris National Security will attend to share experiences and knowledge.

Since the founding in 1999, Mobilaris National Security has developed systems and services to protect and inform the public about potential danger, mainly gaining interest from authorities overseas. The Mobilaris CIWS (Community Information & Warning System) has produced more than a billion of warning messages in campaigns around the world, helping to avoid potential disasters and consequently saving lives.