Mining Frontrunners

A podcast by Mobilaris

The main stage for the future of mining

How will leadership change in a digitalized mine? How can we improve productivity yet use systems and machines from various vendors? Are there any risks when machine utilization increases? What are the trends of today and tomorrow?

The ongoing digitalizing of underground mines raises several questions, challenges and possibilities. We at Mobiliaris, want to play a key part in building the future of mining. We want to learn more, discuss and share insights with some of the industry’s most brilliant minds.

The result – Mining Frontrunners. A podcast that shines a light on those who are pioneering the future of mining. We will meet influential business leaders and mine managers, cutting-edge scientists and global leading suppliers, as well as other experts. Together we’ll dig deep into the core of digitalization and what the future of mining holds.

Enjoy Mining Frontrunners.


01. Peter Richardson – Good safety is good production

Let us introduce Peter Richardson – a true Mining Frontrunner. With more than 23 years of mining management experience, Peter Richardson is the Senior Vice President and COO for Lundin Mining. Good safety is good production according to Peter, which is one of the main topics in this episode, as well as broadcasted information and production improvements with real-time data. Mining Frontrunners presents Mr. Peter Richardson.

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02. Peter Burman – Empowering people by transparency

Let us introduce Peter Burman – a true Mining Frontrunner. Mr. Peter Burman is the Program Manager for Mine Automation at Boliden – a pioneer in 5G and autonomous trucks operating deep in the mines. In this episode Peter is talking about automation and change management by empowering people, and the importance of investing in introduction and roll-out. Mining Frontrunners presents Mr. Peter Burman.

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