Press release – Mobilaris management team awarded with Swedish Bergman’s Honorary Mark


Stockholm January 29, 2019

Tonight SGU (Geological Survey of Sweden) awarded Mikael Nyström and Hans Wahlquist with the 250-year-old mining medal Swedish Bergman’s Honorary Mark for “Snille och Flit” (In English: Genius and Dedication), which is awarded to those who performed particularly important efforts within the mining industry of Sweden. The prize ceremony took place at the conference Future Mine and Mineral at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. The honorary mark was awarded by Lena Söderberg, Director General of SGU.

The jury’s motivation is:

“Hans and Mikael have, with innovative thinking, professionalism and strong commitment, driven innovative and high-tech solutions that have contributed to significantly increased safety and efficiency in the mines. Today, the solutions are not only used nationally but also internationally, and they have thus contributed to strengthening and making the Swedish mining cluster more visible in a way that makes Sweden consolidate its position as a leading mining country.”

Over the years, a total of 85 mining industry persons have received the Swedish Bergman’s Honorary Mark for Genius and Dedication, most recently in 2013 when two women and two men were awarded the medal.

   “Oh this was unexpected, but great fun. Both Hans and I are deeply proud to receive attention with a royal honorary mark. Wow. However, we would like to emphasize that behind our international success with Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ stands a large team of people who, with great dedication and expertise created the product suite that now contributes to the development of the mining industry’s internationally. We are only a part of that team” says Mikael Nyström, CEO of Mobilaris.

   “I agree entirely with Mikael. Today it is an extra fun day at work. At the same time, we are honored to be part of Sweden’s export industry. Expect more from us with this award” says Hans Wahlquist, VP Business Development & Strategic Product Management at Mobilaris Mining and Civil Engineering AB.

About Mobilaris Mining Intelligence ™ – product suite for digitization of mining and tunnel operations

Mobilaris Mining Intelligence ™ is a product suite for digitization of mines with a focus on production, efficiency and safety. MMI allows a real-time 3D view of; where people, equipment and vehicles are, integration of machine, system and sensor data, shift planning and dispatch, traffic control and real-time analytics. Customers’ need for continuous increased transparency and interoperability is supported by MMI’s openness and ability to integrate with other systems. The product suite is currently used in mines all over the world, while the effects of the system echo in the mining industry.

Read more (including a video) about the approach behind Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™

About Mobilaris Group

Mobilaris Group continues to strengthen its position as a world leader in real-time based decision support solutions and associated digital tools. We digitize mines, industries and authorities. Based on the customer’s business, we develop solutions that increase productivity and security. Mobilaris Group builds for the future. So far, the group consists of three subsidiaries – Mobilaris Mining and Civil Engineering, Mobilaris Industrial Solutions and Mobilaris National Security. The Group is based in Luleå, but our customers are all over the world, while at the same time becoming more.

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