Mobilaris PocketMine™

Information for everyone

Mobilaris PocketMine™ allows any miner to have superior situational awareness right in their own pocket. Information is no longer a unique prerogative for personnel in the mining control center. Instead, it is a tool that is available for anyone in the mine.

With Mobilaris PocketMine™, everybody will be able to know what is going on in the mine. Whether you would like to know the ETA of a certain mine truck, the location of a drill rig, the whereabouts of maintenance personnel or the position of a water pump, you will be able to have all the right information at your fingertips.

Running on standard Android smartphones, Mobilaris PocketMine™ gets all the real-time information about personnel, equipment and vehicles from the centralized Mobilaris Situational Awareness™ server. All asset information, including mine maps, is shown in 3D and stored locally, so that you can use it even when you are out of network coverage.

Underground safety at your fingertips

In an emergency situation it can be very stressful to know which way you should take to get to the nearest refuge chamber. In the case of a fire, smoke spreads fast and it can become hard to know your way even for experienced miners. For new employees or visitors, the situation is much worse and the risk to take the wrong way is high. With Mobilaris PocketMine™ on your smartphone you can press the refuge chamber button to get a list over the three closest refuge chambers. In the list you will also get information if they are ahead or behind you. 

And once you have found a refuge chamber, imagine the difference between sitting in it without much information about what is happening and having Mobilaris PocketMine™ at your hands showing the progress of the mine evacuation.

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