Mobilaris Industrial Intelligence™

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Mobilaris Industrial Intelligence™

Our product platform Mobilaris Industrial Intelligence™ provides two major application modules — Real-Time Workforce Safety and Real-Time Maintenance Management. The information is easily accessible and can be visualized in the operation center and mobile devices – automating safety and affecting production efficiency during shutdowns for industrial companies.

Use or combine different positioning technologies

Our applications support already existing systems and infrastructures (Wi-Fi, RFID etc). This allows us to utilize the most cost-efficient technology for each of our customers to locate personnel, vehicles and equipment at any time.  

Level 1 – Positioning & visualization using existing RFID systems

The system logs and visualizes where a person was last detected using data from existing passage control systems (entrances, zone access). By setting up an additional RFID reader at the evacuation point you can know who is in safety and who is not. It increases control and decreases rescue operations.

Level 2 – Positioning & visualization using Wi-Fi (real-time, ~50m precision)

Positioning by Wi-Fi gives real-time information of the locations of people with approximately 50 meters precision. During evacuation or emergency situations, personnel can be located and contacted based on position and rescue teams can be guided directly to the people in need. It can also be used for lone worker supervision with man-down functionality.

Level 3 – High precision positioning (real-time, <0.5m precision)

High precision technologies in special areas of the site opens for additional use cases preventing accidents. By setting up digital fences around dangerous machines and vehicles, people getting too close to the object will be notified. The system can be connected to stop the operations of machines when a digital fence is breached – preventing an accident to happen.

Automated Safety, step-by-step

Protecting people and data

By default, all personal data is locked in the system and the only information visualized are anonymized tag icons. It is also possible to not visualize any information at all.

The data can only be unlocked by certified safety managers in case of emergency, when there is a need for evacuation and finding out who is in danger and who is safe.

When unlocking the personal data, the safety managers need to use a personal login and the activities are logged with date, time and reason for unlocking the system that enables after following review.

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