Mobilaris Proximity Alert™

Become aware of potential danger

Ensuring safety at large and complex industrial sites is challenging. Many obstacles threaten safety, and many accidents come by sudden and unexpected events that are difficult to foresee. With Mobilaris Proximity Alert™ system, workers will become aware of potential danger by getting an instant warning if anything threatens safety. 

Avoid collisions and accidents

With Mobilaris Proximity Alert™ system, workers on the floor receive automated warnings if there is a risk of a collision with a vehicle or a machine, one of the most common accidents leading to severe injuries and fatalities. Truck drivers and overhead crane operators have access to visual support to know the real time positions of the workers moving on the floor. With a user-friendly 3D interface, operators can see what is coming their way despite poor visibility and not knowing what is around the corner. The driver or machine operator also gets an automatic warning in the visualization interface if people get too close to the crane or vehicle. Every worker can make decisions based on real-time information that never existed before.

Figure 1. Smart LED-lightning can be mounted to hard-hats to provide a visual warning if a crane, vehicle, or machine is within dangerous range.

The proximity technology

With Mobilaris Proximity Alert™ solution, workers and drivers receive real-time alerts when there is an immediate risk of collisions. The solution is built on UWB technology, guaranteeing a reliable system with high precision accuracy. Combined with Mobilaris Situational Awareness, people will not only be warned about hazardous situations in advance, but drivers will also be able to see what is coming around the corner and can thereby plan their route in a way that improves safety. Information is visualized, in an adaptable and user-friendly interface, to ensure that our solution is suitable for any vehicle or dangerous machine.

Customized geofences and rules
To get started, we set up moving or static geofences around objects, machines, and zones. With the geofences, our proximity solution detects when an object or person enters or leaves the zone. If a dangerous situation occurs, the system sends out a warning to the affected people. We know that different industries and areas demand certain sets of rules and geofences. We always configure our software to fit the specific needs of the industrial environment. 

How it works
Every employee, contractor, or site visitor gets a tag identifying their precise location in real-time. We install UWB anchors in the area to detect and position the tags with decimeter accuracy. Geofences are set up around overhead cranes and vehicles. It detects all breaches, which triggers the warning signal to workers and crane-vehicle operators. We tailor warning signals to fit the unique environments and conditions at the site. The worker can receive a warning by vibrations, sound, or a led-strip attached to the worker’s hardhat. The operator will have visual support with alarm functions displayed on a tablet.

Design for rough environments
We have built Mobilaris Proximity Alert™ solution to manage the most challenging industrial environments where poor visibility, dust and gas, heat and moist, are common. Before entering each work shift, an automatic test ensures that the tags and warning signals are in order every day.

Figure 2. Tablets visualize the area and alert the operator if a hazardous situation would appear. 


• Ultra Wideband tags and anchors with submeter accuracy and end to end system latency below 1,5 seconds
• IP68 casing for demanding environments
• 12-month warranty and an expected lifetime of 5-10 years
• Dynamic geofencing capabilities related to distance and space
• Flexible user interfaces in various mobile devicesto match different use cases and environment


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