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Mobilaris Industrial Solutions AB (part of Mobilaris Group) offers real-time decision support systems that increase productivity and revolutionize industry safety. By being able to access real-time operational data such as people, machines and equipment  – visualized in 3D – industries can plan according to reality, and make important decisions that prevent accidents and save lives.

Our offer to industries has its foundation from the mining industry, where we since 2012 have revolutionized safe and productivity for mines around the world. Ever since, we have continued to develop the digital platform to solve our customers’ problems within other industries. Our ambition is to minimize workplace accidents and increase efficiency. Mobilaris Industrial Solutions offering is growing fast yet controlled, in an always close dialog with our customers.


Innovation, teamwork and trust

Every great idea is the result of innovation. But taking an idea to reality requires teamwork and trusting one another. At Mobilaris Industrial Solutions we work together, we take pride in each other, our product offering and the progressive company that we’re a part of. We build our solutions in close collaboration with early-adopter customers, revolutionizing industrial safety and efficiency. Step by step our product is being introduced to the many faces of industry, from steel and paper factories to oil refineries.

Our journey has just begun, but our foundation is solid. We have gathered years of experience under one single roof, and more is yet to come.

Welcome to the next level of industrial safety and efficiency.

Our approach is openness

To us, openness translates to three values. First, we are technology-agnostic with regards to communication and tracking infrastructure.

Second, we integrate and interoperate with any and all systems that help maximize customer value. It might be resource planning systems, any machining system, ventilation system or sensors. Our software platform was designed for this, and we have an automated and highly scalable process for this purpose.

Finally, we hold a firm belief that any industrial digitalization, whether we are talking about a mine, a paper mill or any other business, requires all participants to open up and allow data to be shared.

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