The next level of Industrial Workforce Safety

Going digital and synchronizing real-time information about what’s happening in the workplace enables full control over workforce safety and productivity.



The reality is — accidents do happen

Every industry has its own unique environments and infrastructures, above and below the ground. There are examples of extreme temperatures, strong magnetic fields and noisy environments. The environmental conditions may vary, but the commonalities are that there are production equipment, vehicles, machines, systems, and people interacting over geographically spread out sites.

Accidents do happen in these environments. Every day hundreds of workers, foreign entrepreneurs and visitors are moving around in the dispersed sites were unwanted situations can arise.

Fires and gas leaks can occur unexpectedly and create a direct threat to life. The static legacy safety plans do not help giving an overview of the situation. Yet still, decisions must be made to guarantee individual safety and lead the ones in danger out of the area. The important question is; which individuals are evacuated and who are still in danger?

Automating safety, step-by-step


Introducing Real-time Workforce Safety

Many industries share the same safety challenges and they are working hard towards a zero accidents vision. As we all know, things do not always happen according to plan and sometimes we need to make important decisions without being able to see the whole picture.

Mobilaris system closes the gap between plan and reality, and enables you to prevent accidents and make fast, accurate decisions in case of an emergency.

As shown in the film, high precision positioning is our third and final level of live visualization. But we introduce our system step-by-step, often starting from level 1.

Think big. Implement small, move fast.

Mobilaris decision support system is technology-agnostic; easy integrated and operated with existing systems and processes. Introduced step-by-step, our experts support you from analysis to implementation and operation.


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