Open the lid to underground tunnelling

3d-tunneling-positioning-(1).pngMobilaris Mining Intelligence (MMI) opens the lid to underground tunneling operations and construction projects. Our user friendly 3D visualization includes advanced dynamical shading and filtering features that helps the user to stay on top of the situation all the time for big as well as for small tunneling projects.

Just like Google helps you discover things and take decisions in your everyday life, Mobilaris Mining Intelligence will disclose things in your operations that will increase production efficiency as well as increasing safety.
Mobilaris Mining Intelligence is a position-based decision support system that opens up a new world of intelligent underground tunneling, significantly increasing safety and productivity.  We provide superior situational awareness, real-time positioning and information on vehicles, equipment and personnel – presented in a sophisticated 3D user interface.


Our mission is to revolutionise the impact of security and flexibility in underground operations both in mining and tunneling construction. The company is dedicated to offer ground-breaking innovation and dramatically reduce technology hurdles when incorporating new technology in automation and safety in the future.

Award winning product

Mobilaris was acknowledged by Boliden at Boliden Supplier Awards 2015. Staffan Sandström, Boliden Head of Technology awarded Mobilaris to the ´Innovation Leader Award´ with the following motivation:

"Through agile development, the innovative company Mobilaris include their technical knowledge from another branch of industry to help Boliden in our strive to be a world class mining company. Their ambitious marketing also spread a positive image of Boliden as a company and open doors for knowledge exchange with our mining colleagues"

Feature list and design

When you glance through the MMI Feature List in you will realize that selecting MMI as your automation and safety platform will be a future proof choice and also strengthen your ability to adopt new technology since the MMI platform is designed to be technology agnostic.