Public Safety Solutions

Save more lives

Increasing public safety is highly prioritized in many countries and the high penetration of mobile telephony today gives opportunities for new features that radically improves the possibilities to save lives.

Direct your rescue resources

Ability to position mobile telephone calls has resulted in laws and regulations to make it mandatory to position a 112/911 emergency call. Using this possibility reduces time to action and mistakes. To be able to handle all calls countrywide an aggregation function is needed which covers all networks and operators. In the other end a visualization on a map to the receiving alarm operator is a mandatory request.

Information is the key

Natural disasters like bush fires, tsunamis, flooding and other catastrophes like industrial accidents with gas leakage, nuclear radiation are unfortunately increasingly common and takes many lives. If the correct information is communicated to the public in the right time the consequences can be minimized or completely avoided. Many countries has old methods to send out warnings to the community like radio or alarm signals. The problem today are that few people listen to or even own a radio and alarm signaling are unfortunately rarely understood. Modern methods are available today and should be implemented.

Some customer examples

  • 112 Emergency call positioning for SOS Alarm in Sweden. SOS Alarm won a prestigious price for Europes best solution for rescue services where Mobilaris delivered the positioning solution. A film from the SOS Alarm tells a little bit more.
  • Community Warning and Information or “Emergency Alert” as our customer Telstra in Australia calls it. A new highly appreciated Warning system based on mobile positioning and SMS messages. See an interview from Australia for more info.