Commercial Location-Based Services

Creating New Revenue from mobile location!

Commercial location based services can bring revenue streams flowing quickly and efficiently. Operators must focus on fast and flexible launch of services, being it your own or services developed by independent third parties. A business idea, web design competence, and a few weeks of preparation is enough to create a successful story.

Simplicity, just go for it!

The way forward is all about abstracting technical and administrative parts from the realization and focus on business ideas. Mobilaris’ award winning LBS middleware platform Pacific Ocean™ provides mobile operators with the ability to easily and quickly deploy location-enabled services through its open 3rd Party APIs, simple integration into existing core network, application development toolkit, and state-of-the-art comprehensive privacy management capabilities.

Branding of white-labelled services saves time

When time is short, Mobilaris ready-made applications can be rebranded and graphically adapted to meet specific operator requirements to enable a jump-start or support time limited local campaigns. The Mobilaris LBS solution incorporates “Ready-to-Go” white-labelled applications such as Friend Finder, Workforce Finder and Family Finder, to enable a flying start in LBS.

Solutions from Mobilaris

Mobilaris ready made applications or just rebranded

Several of our clients use Mobilaris ready made applications but with rebranded look. Some clients develop applications themselves on our Pacific Ocean development platform and some use Mobilaris long experience from this area to develop new services in shortest possible time.

Mobilaris SW platform generates the world´s fastest realization of business ideas

Using Mobilaris middleware Pacific Ocean will reduce time to launch your business ideas based on positioning to a minimum. Our clients has been launching new services in weeks instead of the traditional development times of months or years.

Mobilaris enables reuse of already made investments in infrastructure or delivers what is missing

Reuse any already made investment in mobile location infrastructure to reduce cost and to reduce time to business by using Mobilaris location platform. An alternative for customers starting from scratch is to use a pre-packaged integrated solution with everything needed.