Traffic Awareness via Mobilaris Onboard™


Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™

Traffic Awareness via Mobilaris Onboard™

Everybody in underground mining knows about the big problems that are caused by traffic congestions. As operators of machines and drivers of vehicles are not aware of what is coming up in front of them until it is too late, much time are lost by stopping and waiting until one or many vehicles have put into reverse and backed up to the closest parking lot

There are various solutions on this based on adding a second high precision position technology in the areas where most congestions occur. As an alternative to these, you can also utilize the Mobilaris Hybrid Positioning™ that gives you 5-10 m accuracy without any extra infrastructure.

Mobilaris approach to solve this problem is the Mobilaris Onboard™ solution where drivers in the underground mine can get a similar experience just like a car navigator. It enables most of the information from the Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ backend to be available offline in a tablet mounted in the vehicle.

As a driver, you can specify a destination and be presented with the best route. Additionally, the driver are updated with information on how far away any incoming traffic are. This allows the driver to get a Traffic Awareness that will be enough to solve most of the common traffic congestions.


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