This is the World of Mobilaris

The last five years Mobilaris has seen tremendous growth in both revenue and size, and as we are about to close 2017 we see this growth accelerating. This year, Atlas Copco acquired 34% of our mining and tunneling business, which has created a very stable platform for our continued growth in 2018.

The strategic investments in software products for the mining and tunneling sector has really paid off and as a result, the number of employees increased with 50% and the net sales nearly doubled in 2017. Rapid organic growth is challenging but with the newly recruited key personnel we are well positioned for next year.

Our software platforms scales and therefore we now started Mobilaris Industrial Solutions which will take care of the potential in the industrial market segment.

To help all current and new customers in the future, we rapidly need to extend our team with 30 people. We believe diversity is one of the key parameters in preparing Mobilaris for even more international success.

We are hiring

Follow the links above to apply for the position that interests you.

Event at Mobilaris on Thursday Dec 28

We are hosting a small event at our office in Luleå on Thursday December 28, 13:00–16:00 (drop-in). Here we will present our products and future plans. If you are curious about who we are and what we do, we would love to see you there.

About Industrial Solutions

“Mobilaris' solutions have dramatically increased work safety and productivity in mines and tunnels. Thanks to the work we've already done, it is now relatively easy for us to expand into other industries, as they often share the same challenges. For instance, the process industry has a long history of occupational accidents, with both deaths and serious personal injuries as a consequence. This means that they work hard to improve safety. They have a clear and outspoken vision for zero accidents, but often lack the necessary system support. The logistical challenges also resemble that of mining; keeping track of materials and machines, optimizing the timing of machine service and maintenance work, and minimizing wasted time that reduces production efficiency.

Through our technical Innovation, we enable industries to take a big step towards zero accidents and increased productivity.

We are currently running pilots with a couple of industrial groups and we're very pleased the results so far. Mobilaris has an aggressive growth plan and we need skilled teams that can drive that growth, both in Mining & Tunneling, but also as we establish new and exciting market segments. We have a fantastic product and a global market.

Welcome to Mobilaris!”

—Andreas Ericson, CEO Mobilaris Industrial Solutions