Welcome to The World of Mobilaris

We are present on four continents reaching more than 150 million subscribers within SW based positioning for commercial, public safety services, industry solutions and lawful intercept use. We help our clients by enhancing their ability to build value, manage risk and improve performance. As a company we are proud to help our clients improve their business, protect the society and employees.

At Mobilaris we keep our core values at the heart of our business; innovation, trust and team work. Innovation is our basis for keeping our motivation on top. We want you as a client to feel that we are pushing you to reach your goals faster and more efficient through our innovative organization. We want our clients to turn to us because you can trust in what we promise and deliver. Trust earned from years of successful partnerships with our clients around the world. We want our clients to be part of a team striving towards technology leadership and common understanding. The end result is faster time to revenues.

Mobilaris was established in 1999 as a spin-off from Telia Mobile and Telia Research. In 2000, Mobilaris launched the world’s first LBS platform together with Telia and Ericsson.

Mobilaris Solution Areas

Mining Intelligence - increased personal safety and production efficiency for the mining industry.

Tunneling Safety - top personal safety for all kinds of tunnels.

Public Safety - emergency alert warnings and emergency call locations for saving lives.

Commercial Location-Based Services - creating more revenue from mobile location.